Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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I am unclear why you underwent a posterior laminectomy and fusion of C2-7. You had a congenital fusion of C3-4 and a “spontaneous fusion” of C5-6. This C5-6 auto-fusion is one of the factors that does not make sense. It is very rare to have an auto fusion unless you have a spondyloarthropathy (an inflammatory disorder of the spine). Are you sure it was fused or just very degenerative and did not move?

Are you sure you have a solid posterior fusion? This would require a CT to make sure.

Posterior decompressions (laminectomy) generally do not work well to decompress the nerves. You still might have foraminal stenosis or nerve tethering that was not addressed by your surgery. A new MRI or CT scan might be in order. A second opinion would also be helpful.

Dr. Corenman