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Thanks for the reply.

Back pain 80% leg pain left side 20% Pain is worse in the morning, Stiff better with movement and Celebrex pain level 7 Some times I am crooked to the left with extreme pain shooting, stabbing in the lower back with increased leg and foot shower Ice and rest helps.
My pain levels increase with activity, walking for 1//2 mile in OK any longer and my left leg does not work as well?
Back Pain 7 VAS
Left leg pain 3 VAS
Right leg pain 1-2 VAS
Left leg weak, left heal numb sometimes burning,tingling, outside of foot burning that come and goes.Cannot stand on toes.
Right leg cannot walk on heal foot drop since L4-L5 herniation seems to slowly get better.
My pain is 24-7 with flair ups to a pain level of 9 rest and Drugs with ice helps me manage.
MRI results 12-5-2012 L2 to L4 broad base disc buldge, endplate spuring… .There is some enhancing scar anterior to the thecal sac at L4-L5 and adjacent to the left side of the thecal sac and arround the left S1 nerve root at L5[S1…
Groin has some tingling that come and goes?

Occupational Restrictions I have not been involved in construction since my injury, now driving a school bus two hours in the am and two hours in the pm this is good on most days, but some days it can be very painful! No longer able to exercise, play sports, ride my bikes, hike,climb, ski, etc I am 53 and have a 13 year old son that I need to be involved with in activity this has been the most fustrating

Treatments, “Been there done that” PT for two years three times a week some help, Message, accupuncture, Chiropractor, Yoga, Pilates,
ETC all with no help some minor relief.

Can you help me/
Thank You for this great site and information

Jackson Wyoming