Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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Congratulations! This is an excellent transition and you will be well served in medicine by your chiropractic background, especially if you want to go into orthopaedics.

Chiropractic allowed you to see the benefits of listening carefully to patients and understanding non-operative care which will be an important advantage in the orthopedic world.

I would not have done anything differently in my education. For surgical residencies (orthopaedics in particular), you need great numbers (test results) and great letters of recommendation. Spend some time learning research and try to get your name on some papers. Volunteer on committees and make yourself known. You will be exhausted from medical school but persevere.

There are a small handful of M.D., D.C.s out there and smaller still of spine related ones.

Please keep in touch.

Dr. Corenman