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I visited my general practicioner (GP) today and I have some corrections to the MRI results.

Radiologist report to GP – MRI Spine Cervical: There is a small haemangioma in C5. There is loss of disc height with both disc and osteophyte at C5/6, I think probably more osteophyte than disc but narrowing the exit foramia certaily on the right and possibly on the left. The spinal cord and vertebrae are otherwise normal.

In Response:
My symptoms started after a fall and a ‘partial’ disclocation of the right shoulder December 2010 and Feruary 2011 respectively.

I have pins and needles regularly and some instances of weakness and sensation in my right hand mainly. The symptoms vary day to day but can be over thumb/index finger or ‘pinky’ and the fingers next to it. I have recently had shaking hand/arm and problems with writing. The sensation of cold was checked by myself with a digital temperature probe (accurate to 0.1 deg C); this measured in a seated position.

Apologies for getting the vertebrae numbers wrong!

The symptoms vary day to day and also depending on what I am doing at the time. To start with the symptoms occurred when using a computer mouse and has ‘developed’ into a more irritating problem exacerbated by the ‘coldness’ of my right arm and hand. I aleviate this with heat pads.

Does this help with diagnosis?