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Hi Doctor Corennman

I saw a neurosurgeon last Sunday abouit it and he said he thought there was no major problem but he did say that ‘ your cord may be getting pinched some of the time with movement’ ‘signal change can be something, can be nothing but your neurological signs are normal’ he said

He didnt pick up the knee reflex issue, as he used the hammer on me whilst I sat next to him, fully clothed. It was my own doctor who established that, and the physio I saw almost 2 years ago also noticed that hyper reflex in my left knee

However, I can confirm my previous 2 MRI (2007 and 2009) did not show flattening or signal change and I have not suffered any accident inbetweeen times

The only thing that has certainly happened between the 2009 MRI and now is a tendency ion the last 18 months to sudden episodes of very high BP or tachycardia, cardio work up has eliminmated cardiac cauises. I’m womdering about CNS causes

The neuro service have discharged me and I fear that they have
abandoned me to my fate

Thank you so much for replying