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Hi Doc,
I anticipate c2-c3 and c3-c4 facet blocks next month. My current PM Doc will not burn the c-2 medial branch because he feels it is too risky but he has no problem pulsing the c-2 level and will do so if the blocks provide the significant relief. He would then burn the nerves below. I do believe this board certified, long time PM doc is both experienced and skilled. Yet some doctors will burn the c-2 level without hesitation. After all the frustrating obstacles from the insurance companies it is depressing choosing between what might be a less effective method or the revolting chore of starting over with another Doc. Also top doctors I would definitely switch to are either not on the network or perform what is done as an in office procedure in expensive surgical centers.

Is there anything at all that makes the radiofrequency burning of the c2-medial branch more risky than those below in your opinion???

Would you recommend waiting and finding a Doc that will burn the c-2 level or would you go ahead with what I have now.???

As always
thanks Doc