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Dr. Corenman,

I don’t totally know what all this means but is there a chance that the issues found in this exam could cause migraines, lightheaded and numbness in just one part of a body? By that I mean just going numb from the wrist to the finger tips! If you could please explain this to me!
Exam: CT cervical spine without contrast.

Technique: Computed tomographic imaging of the cervical spine was performed without contrast.


There is no evidence of acute fracture. There is straightening of the cervical lordotic curvature which may be positional or due to muscle spasm. The vertebral bodies are normally aligned. No facet joint dislocation is evident. Small endplate osteophytes
are seen at several levels are seen at the C6-C7 level. Intervertebral disk spaces and vertebral body heights are grossly preserved. Cervical soft tissues show no abnormality. Visualized lung fields are clear other than probable minimal apical scarring.


No cervical spine fracture or malalignment.

Thank you for your time!