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Hi Bill

I am seeing a Prolotherapist who has had great success in treating people with neck instability. If anyone who has an Os Odontoideum is at high risk of paralysis and death, then doctors should inform their patients that they actually have one. This information was only brought to light by myself, because I looked and asked the right questions. Then after finding out, I’d wondered how many of the doctors knew this and didn’t say anything to me…and it was shocking.

So, apparently the doctors felt my ligaments held things fine and didn’t need to bother to say anything. If ligaments can be treated to do this assumed job again, where doctors at several institutions over many years didn’t say anything that it existed in me, then part of my confidence is in that thought…unless absolutely ALL of those doctors were unschooled and unknowing about this tremendous risk I had all along.

I’m going to give myself a little more time to see how I do with the Prolotherapy and then venture to Mayo. I was put on a year waiting list with them, so they didn’t see any urgency in my situation either…though I called to be sure they got the full scope of my walking around with a walker and not having a surgeon who was comfortable in doing this surgery. I still had to wait.

It’s been a more than nutty situation that has just been fully mind-blowing at the disregard out there. The number one reply I’ve received from any doctor about any problem I’ve ever had including my spinal cord contusion symptoms is: You may have anxiety.

Being a woman, this is what we hear. Women die from heart attacks because this s what we hear. I am also not the sort who has ever had anxiety and am very relaxed in most situations. So they may as well suggest another female issue, while they were at it.

But, I’m not fully dismayed. My health is important to me and I want to get my symptoms under control before I am slammed with a surgery I will regret. If I can get to feeling normal again, I won’t do the surgery. If I can’t, I may.