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I am about to try something called Prolotherapy for my loose ligaments in my C1-C2 area. I have similar problems as you do and it can only help and it’s been known to work.

I don’t want the surgery either, and the prognosis is honestly horrific from what I’ve read. So check it out and look for Prolotherapy, the doctor in Oak Park, IL is one of the top in the country and you can put a search in Youtube to find more specifically on Prolotherapy for c1-c2 instability :) Be sure that if you get it done that it’s done with “comprehensive treatment” meaning, not just a handful of injections…but a slew of them where the whole area is covered well enough to treat everything–some fail because not enough was covered.

I am hopeful it works for me and I just found out about it myself…I can’t wait to try it :) It’s all about getting the ligaments to repair themselves and create stability, causing them to get tight again!!! A dream come true for me.

Even where I read negative articles about prolotherapy, the people who had it done attacked the article writer…so I would say there is something to this…I wish you luck and I know your pain…you are not alone :)

And I’ve had doctors say the craziest things to me too that they should be ashamed to even dare to say to another human being…I read where a doctor said you were seeking attention…I swear…I don’t know where their heads are at sometimes!