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Thank you for this forum, Dr. Corenman. I am a longtime patient at the Steadman Clinic. Dr. LaPrade did a double bundle PCL recon on my knee just 2 years ago and Dr. Steadman saved that same knee years before.

I have been diagnosed with bilateral thoracic outlet syndrome. My symptoms are very severe and have progressed. I was in 3 car accidents within 5 weeks, none my fault, but was doing great and recovering from the knee surgery with a vigorous rehab program. After a forceful chiropractic manipulation of my neck, my world changed within a few hours and that is when I was diagnosed with the TOS. Nothing has been the same since. I have also had left-sided tinnitus as a result and had severe dizziness afterwards for a while. As I struggle to deal with that diagnosis, my PT also told me that I have C1-C2 hyper mobility. Could my tingling lips and tongue along with some of the other symptoms be coming from that? I am confused as my very recent cervical MRI did not show any problems with C1 C2 or the transverse ligaments. I also had recent flexion extension x-rays. I do have some expected degeneration for my age but nothing that alarms doctors or that they see with C1 C2. Is is possible that the alar ligaments are damaged? Can a PT make a clear diagnosis of this condition? I am suffering terribly from the TOS and now wonder what part is coming from the upper cervical instability and how best to address this. I have had multiple neck injuries over the years but was fine and athletic for decades until this occurred. Desperate to understand and move forward with a treatment plan. Thank you! Happy to come see you as well, if appropriate. I travel from Seattle to Vail just to come to the clinic. Thank you!