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Before my accident I was fine. I was never in any pain in my back or neck, I never had headaches, I traveled 100% for my job as a Senior consultant. I played volleyball, I exercised daily, I did yoga, swimming at least 3x a week. I was very active. I have been never married, no children. I was enjoying my life. I went jet skiing in August 2010. I was on the back of the jet ski when the accident happened. We were racing another jet ski going over 60mph (dumb I know) and I had my head turned far over my right shoulder to look back to see where the other jet ski was. There was a stump sticking up out of the water and driver hit the brakes turned the jet ski sharp to miss the stump and jerked my neck forward and backward with my head turned to the right looking over my shoulder. I was thrown off the jet ski and hit the water very hard with my head. It was like hitting concrete. The pain was instant in my neck. At the hospital the CT scan did show rotation in my cervical neck and the doctor said I had a sprained neck and to seek treatment.

I am under the understanding that the DMX produces 2,700 x-ray images with the same amount of radiation as a standard x-ray machine, which gives you 6 static x-rays.

I was told that a static x-ray evaluates only 2 of the 22 major ligaments of the cervical spine. The only two ligaments the flexion/extension x-rays detect are the anterior and posterior longitudinal ligaments. I was told a AP open mouth lateral bending static x-ray is difficult to capture to see the C1 sliding right or left.

I was informed that the ligaments that are not diagnosed during static X-Rays are the following cervical ligaments.
• Right and left alar ligaments
• Right and left accessory ligaments
• Transverse ligament
• Five right capsular ligaments
• Five left capsular ligaments
• Five interspinous ligaments

Here are my report findings from my DMX:

Damage to the posterior longitudinal ligament is indicated by an anterolisthesis at C2 on C3 and C3 on C4.

Damage to the anterior longitudinal ligament is indicated by a retrolisthesis at C2 on C3, C3 on C4, and C4 on C5.

Damage to the capsular ligament is indicated by gapping of the facet joint at C5-C6 right.

Damage to the capsular ligament is indicated by intervertebral foraminal encroachment of the facet joint at C5-C6 on the right.

Damage to the alar and accessory ligaments is indicated by an overhang of the lateral mass of C1 bilaterally.

Note: The term “Damage” as used in this report concerning any ligament represents a ligamentous laxity or instability due to excess stretching or tearing, and is therefore painful, progressive, and permanent.

My cervical MRI was done in September 2011. The report findings of my cervical MRI showed normal but did state the following:

-Thinning of the tectorial membrane.
-Increased signal of the alar ligaments.
-Retrolisthesis of the right lateral mass of C1 relative to the lateral mass of C2.
-Moderate disc space narrowing at C5-6.
-At C4-5 disc bulge with central 1 to 2 mm protrusion.
-At C5-6 disc bulge with left central 2mm protusion.

A neurologist recommended I see a surgeon.
5 Chiropractors (evaluations) recommended I see a surgeon.

I have seen 4 neurosugeons since the end of September 2011. I have been trying all the conservative treatments first. I have not seen an orthopedic surgeon yet.

1. The first neurosurgeon said PT and pain management.

2. The second neurosurgeon said psychiatry and wrote a prescription for bungee jumping and said there was nothing wrong with me and that I need to get back to work. I had to move back home to live my parents since I been injured and he said he cannot believe I would put this burden on my parents and I am just wanting attention (unbelievable).

3. The third neurosurgeon said pain management and he does not do surgery on stretched ligaments.

4. The fourth neurosurgeon said he is not comfortable doing C1-2 fusions in cases of stretched ligaments. He is only comfortable doing C1-2 fusions in cases of immediate trauma, dislocation, fracture, etc.

I do not like to take medications. I’ve always been very health conscious. I am very sensitive to medications and I do not like the way they make me feel. Pain management is not going to fix my bones.

How do I get help? What do you recommend?

Thank you for your advise and time. It is greatly appreciated.