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I have had several treatments from prolotherapy although not to the C1. Prolotherapy, which I will include Platelet Rich Plasma and Stem Cells at this point, which uses primarily dextrose and a cod liver oil extract are not what I consider toxic substances. Phenol was more popular in the past and was used on me, which can destroy nerve cells, did cause an irritation from C2-T1 when used and a stinging sensation that lasted for several months, therefore we stopped and started using dextrose (sugar) and a cod liver oil extract. The extracellular hypertonicity or chmemical irritation caused by injecting these solutions does cause cells to burst and initiates the inflammatory/healing cascade. Is this what you are referring to as cell destruction, or the use of phenol as a proliferant? But he is correct,cells bursting is “injury”. If cells don’t burst you don’t get inflamed or heal.

Also, prolotherapy does not work on everyone and everyone performing prolotherapy is not equal. I can attest to that. I agree that there is significant risk in treating the upper cervical area and at a minimum should be done by someone with much experience and under flouroscopy and with someone who has had success treating that area, who could explain the risks. But the arterial and nerve structures in that area dense and the risk just from poking around with a needle in my mind is great. It also takes multiple treatments, up to 6. If it isn’t working after 6 treatments it ain’t going to work. But that’s risking yourself 6 times to something that has a success rate less than that of surgery.
Just my two cents.