Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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A lot of new threads introjected here. It would be helpful if someone has a new inquiry that you start a new thread so I don’t get mixed up. I will try to answer the various questions here.

To Patrice; I cannot recommend surgeons that I do not know the success rate but if you are careful and discerning, you should be able to figure out who you can trust. Again, call some previous patients.

To pete 1220: You have a compilation of symptoms that could be instability, vascular injury to the vertebral artery or lower brain stem injury. I assume you have had standard flexion/extension X-rays (probably multiple times) and even a CT scan of the upper neck in flexion, extension and lateral rotation to both sides.

In my opinion, prolotherapy requires an injection of damaging fluid into areas that are quite sensitive. I would be afraid of injury to a structure in the upper neck that would be irreversible.

To dawn marie: chiropractic therapy can be effective with many disorders but with instability, this treatment is contraindicated. Now since we do not know if instability is present, this needs to be ruled out before any chiropractic attempts at treatment are considered.

Dr. Corenman