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Thank you Dr Corneman, I appreciate your time and Knowledge. I also was wondering if you would know can having a syrinx as small as I do become symptommatic they go back to asymptommatic , As I am still I believe dealing with other issues and cause to be having symptoms of Muscle pain and bone pain , I feel as a result of that cause of these symptoms it could of also possibly caused that syrinx to become symptommatic as I am dealing with these symptoms that are steady 24-7 …

This is a list of symptoms that I am concerned about that has never left or calmed down since February of this year;

When I lift my hands above my head, the muscles on my shoulders and across all my upper mid back section is very tight and I have pain, it feels like muscle and bone pain, and when I do that I have a burning pain that feels like its coming from the muscles .

My neck feels like theres pressure like something is pushing my neck forward, and its very tight trying to turn it ‘

I also feel like the cervical verterbrae is feeling of being streched or pulled

I have a shooting pain constantly in my left arm where the intensity goes from intense to mild

The past few days I am having bursts of shooting pains across my shoulders and arms

My left leg muscles is extremly tight , its difficult crossing my left leg across my right leg

My legs especially my left leg is really heavy as well as my arms

I have been having that same burning sensation across my back , legs and arms

My face , the muscles on my face around my cheecks are really tight , when I cry I can not even say words cause its so extremly tight, especially my left cheek

It feels like all my muscles are so tight, my shoulders feel like someone is constanly pushing me downward when I turn my neck a certain way I get a burst of stinging

The scariest symptom I have is the hand pain, my hands dont feel texture any where on my body, my body feels like its covered in latex all over my body, my fingers are very painful, it feels like bone pain, and I have been having Bone pain coming from my back, shoulders etc as well, my hands ache, my wrist feels sore , and my left foot feels like bone pain on the bottom and side of my foot , I worry because I read somewhere abt the hands having symptoms from a syrinx.

Can you tell me if any of these symptoms are caused from a Syrinx ? I was wondering because coming off that medication and after I got in that hot tub back in December when I had my neck and back against the jets triggered alot of severe intense symptoms from Benzos withdrawl, , can a syrinx go into symptomatic and they calm down and go back to asymptomatic again I think that maybe thats what happened to me . I really need to know cause going through Benzo recovery you cant take any medications taht effect the Gaba receptors until they upregulate again as any medication can effect recovery. So as it is now I am not sure if I am already recovered from Benzos and I am having these symptoms from the syrinx , as I always before had symptoms come and go throughout my recovery , but the symptoms mentioned above has not left for a minute , the only one that have has been the burning it sibsides occasionally. But the muscle pain, bone pain , neck pain, arm pain, leg pain , and hand pain hasnt not sudsided at all. If its the syrinx causing this I need to try to take something for the pain , as I dont want to take any medications at all , but I am not sure what else to do or how to deal with this pain for the rest of my life. Thank you again