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Thank you again, I had seen a Neurosurgeon a few weeks ago, as yourself he is unaware of Benzodipine withdraw /recovery, buit felt that the symptoms I am having is unrelated to the Syrinx, I am trying to understand what a Central Canal is and how large a central canal is in comparrison to the spinal cord, I keep reviewing your videos over and over , I understand a central canal runs through the spinal cord , and the CSF is inside that canal , and passes thropugh the spinal cord, so is it correct to say that the syrinx is not on the spinal cord , but inside the canal and has a cyst inside the CSF ? I have 3 letters from Drs acknowledging Benzo W/D , but its unfortunate now it seems to complicate things for me to know if this syrinx is symptommatic, it has been asymptommatic for years and years , I speak to others that have a syrinx that tells me a syrinx can cause symptoms even though its not impinging on the Spinal Cord because its still sitting on the nerves it can still cause problems , I am not sure if that the case. I had many many tests done throughout this ordeal, I had test for all markers of Inflammation , I had a ANA test , Lyme test, CBC tests, Ultrasound, X-RAYS, MRI on my head , and spinal cord , CBC test , all camme back Normal well except the nild bulging disks, and Syrinx, I keep reviewing my MRI images and trying to see any other changes from the MRI I had done in 2005. I was wondering do you have an option of uploading a MRI images for reviewing on your website here? Even though the symptoms I am presently dealing with are alot in consitance with Benzo Recovery , but I still feel its still complicated that I have this syrinx, fear that my body has been under going such tramatic stress and chemical changes and severe pain , that it can cause the syrinx to become symptomatic , I am searching for answers desperatly. Thank you again. I am seeing another Neurologist next week , he was the same one that said it was also Benzo w/d I am dealing with , and also the same one that knew I had a syrinx back in 2005, and never even mentioned it to me back in 2005 , nor I a recent visit to him last September when he said it was benzo w/d. Thanks for listening. I Love watching your videas they are very knowledgable.