Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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First, the diagnosis is not absolute with just a CT scan. In my opinion, you need an MRI or a CT myelogram to determine the source of your pain. I understand you are in Canada but there should be certain standards that are held for imaging in Cananda that would allow for an MRI.

If this is a disc herniation (a soft jelly mass compressing the nerve root), the treatment could be different. An ACDF, and artificial disc replacement (ADR) or a posterior foraminotomy could be considered. Each surgery had advantages and drawbacks.

If this is a bone spur compressing the root, the choices are ACDF or ADR. If there is also significant disc height loss or central canal narrowing (stenosis), the choice is only an ACDF.

A one level ACDF or ADR will not cramp your lifestyle (think Peyton Manning of the Denver Broncos). You would have no restrictions in my practice.

Dr. Corenman