Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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“Feeling as if I am wearing a tight sock on left leg which lead to my left ankle locking then my left foot going to sleep. Right leg sharp stabbing pain below knee into shin pain radiating down buttocks and left thigh”.

These are symptoms of nerve compression or injury. The confounding factor is that there is no report of nerve root compression in your MRI and CT scans. Bertolotti’s syndrome will not cause these symptoms.

“Constant pelvic pain feels as if I am walking on my pelvis, painful intercourse feels as if I am being stabbed in pelvic bone. Bone in left foot sole feels like the bone its coming apart very sharp pain”.

Pelvic pain generally does not originate from any findings that have been found on these scans. You might have a neuropathy (sick nerves not associated with any compressive findings). A neurologist would be the next stop in my opinion.

Dr. Corenman