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Hi princess,

I am not the doctor but i was the opener of the thread. It’s almost two years after my first post but i am still reading this thread since i get notifications whenever someone writes something. I think you were a little bit unlucky.

So, i am updating my story for the readers. To give them hope.

Its clear to me, after talking to many many doctors and patients, that each case is unique. Some people live nightmares and others come back to sports in no time. I was like you, seriously, unable to walk more than 1-2m. Spine rotated etc. Everything out of position. Could hardly sleep. Could hardly lift my left foot.

But, 2 years later, the pain is gone and as is the antalgic position. I didn’t proceed with surgery so I have no idea what happened to the herniation, but I am not going for another MRI unless i feel pain again.

The process was slow and painful. But to me, it did go away. I can walk and stand as much as i want with no pain at all. I have tested myself walking more than 10km with no pain at all. I can sit for about 5-6 hours with no pain. If my progress continues, i think that i will be able to safely run again in about year.

Exercises didn’t do shit. Injections nothing. Pain killers nothing. Slowly the body either blocked pain or healed. I have no idea. I dont think it just blocked the pain because i can lift my leg now which wouldn’t make sense if the herniation was still blocking the nerve (in my first MRI the herniation was completely blocking the left nerve). But NO specific exercise helped me. No physiotherapist.

Only time helped and, in my case, after the initial pain subsided, walking did the trick.

So there is hope, and i know the body can heal itself because i did. I have no idea if the surgery would be a better option for me and i have decided that if this ever happens again i will proceed with surgery because i had to live through almost a year of pain to see real improvements.

But, i am not regretting for my choices now (obviously) as i did manage to avoid surgery at least for some years, if not for ever.

So, i am the living proof that antalgic scoliosis may go away, as can the sciatica and the lower back pain, by itself.