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Dr. Corenman post=1566 wrote: The open mouth odontoid (OMO) X-ray view does indeed demonstrate structures that are not easily discernible on the lateral views. These structures are the C1-2 articulations or facets. Arthritis of these joints is typically missed without the OMO view. The MRI can pick up on this disorder but the images have to go up high enough to catch these structures and many times they are not captured on the images.

If there is suspicion of a disorder or deformity of the occiput to C2 area, the CT scan is a very good study. Ask your physician if they think that will help with the diagnosis. I am not sure however that dizziness can be caused by arthritis of the C1-2 joints.

Dr. Corenman

My chiro hasent ever mentioned arthritis so hopefully its not that,also im 21.i do have other symptoms like fatigue,extreme weakness,bad nausea,very off balance and lightheaded,feeling faint,and last month or 2 now when i had a dizzy spell my hands go numb,like a electric shock shooting down my fingers.i do have my brain mri scans on cd,chiro said he could see the problem,dunno what im looking for but how does this image look?
if i was reffered to you for example with this chiro report would you had just done 2 side xrays and then if it was fine just send me back to gp or? also want to say thank you so much for replying to me it means alot :) p.s that link shows the image on it,nothing to download etc :)