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Thank you for replying.

As for my pain in my lower back, sciatica then I would say it depends on what I do. I can only walk/stand by using two crutches. Upon standing from sitting the pain is probably 70% in my lower back, however after around 10mins of standing/walking the focus of the pain shifts down my left leg and then becomes 50/50.

I do have an additional problem with my bowels as I tend to lose control on a regular basis. However when I received my MRI results via a telephone call I was told nothing in the scan suggested my spine was causing a problem with my bowels.

What alarmed me the most about my scan is the discs above L4 were clearly visible. Between L4 to S1 it was just blackness and even more scary was how the vertebrae between L4-L5 are virtually touching each other. The disc at this level is non existent.

Finally its worth adding that I live in the UK. All my treatment was via the NHS and like I said earlier the likes of disc replacement or microdisectomy were never offered to me. These techniques are generally reserved in my area in private hospitals which I cannot afford. I don’t even have the money for a consultation let alone treatment!