Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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Tailbone pain is one of the most difficult symptoms to diagnose and treat. There are times that “tailbone pain” is misunderstood as to the true location of pain and this pain really might be buttocks or sacroiliac pain. Nonetheless, I will assume this is true tailbone pain and we will discuss this symptom.

Coccyx pain has three different origins; nerve compression pain (herniated disc-HNP), local ligamentous pain (sprain of the coccyx) and sacral or pudendal neuropathy. The way to diagnose these is with nerve blocks (see SNRB on website to understand these blocks) or local blocks (injection into the coccyx ligaments).

If this is neuropathy type pain, treatment is very different than the other two disorders. See chronic neuropathy on the website.

If this is HNP mediated pain, a block of the nerve compressed at the herniation should yield temporary relief (see pain diary).

Loose bowel movements are not related to this disorder.
Dr. Corenman