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Thank you Dr. Corenman.

I had a consult with the surgeon who actually made the side incision. He said everything looks fine (!) and that there is no hernia.

So after searching and reading over the internet I have gathered some knowledge which seems to match with what you say. I now understand that some nerve is cut during the making of the incision (intercostal nerve?) which leads to denervation of the flank. (I have lost a lot of sensation around the incision). This also leads to weakening of the flank muscles and they lose their contracting ability. Hence the flank bulge.

Sure there must be something to ‘take care’ of this bulge? It is very inconvenient and unsightly and a nuisance when I am up and about. My surgeon recommends to go see a plastic surgeon.

Would this be a good move? Can a plastic surgeon resolve my bulge issue by an abdominoplasty or something?

Was there a worthwhile reason as to why my surgeon preferred to go thru the sides and not the front? I feel going thru the front would not have caused any bulge issue while still being able to put the required hardware in me.