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Do you know what an MRI is like? I felt like Freddie Kruger in a tube, I’m not sure but after the mask they put over my face I thought I was talking to Clarice. You have to watch movies before that one makes sense. But suffice it to say, I get it. The tech told me to close my eyes. I did not open them again until the jack hammer started. Then I wanted to claw my way out of the tube. But I am proud to say, I did not claw my way out of the tube, I trusted the medical team.

But I am here to tell you, NEVER an MRI again!

I attempted to email you, but your auto server said you may not see my email. I have ins in the US and another policy in MX. So far you are the only person that answers stupid questions from MX. How do I know when to make appt with you?

I almost feel like I should sign off as Hannibal from Silence of the Lambs.