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A lack of fusion with the use of PEEK cages and no autograft or allograft is not uncommon. The PEEK cages are made of plastic and are not biologically active. If a new CT is ordered, it does not need to be made with contrast or myelography.

If the C2-3 and C3-4 facets are causing your headaches, facet blocks would be the test of choice to determine this. You would need to keep a pain diary (see this section on the website). If the facets are determined to cause the headaches, then treatment may just need to be facet blocks at various time intervals or rhizotomies.

If you want to rule out a shoulder disorder, you would need to see a spine surgeon. These surgeons come from the orthopaedic background and have had significant shoulder diagnostic experience.

The Fonar MRI machines yield poor images and are not very effective for a surgical diagnosis.

I would be happy to look at your images if you would like to Fedex them to my office. It might take a little time for me to get back to you. You can call the 888 number for further information.

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