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Thanks! So – 4 weeks out, I have an ache in the lower right back which is what I had pre-surgery, but this is not as bad. I don’t recall having it in the first week or two. I guess it came on with increased activity (bike, elliptical, life) — but just wondering if that’s normal and would be expected to calm down. I pasted the part of the surgery that was very right focused. Also feel a dull but not horrible ache and tingle in right buttock. I start PT on Tuesday. Until how long after surgery is it normal to feel similar (but less intense) pre-surgical symptoms, if at all?

RIGHT L5-S1 HEMILAMINECTOMY WITH PARTIAL MEDIAL FACETECTOMY: The retractor tube was removed and then attention was turned to the right side. A second separate fascial incision was made to the right of midline and sequential tube dilation was performed until a 4 cm x 18 mm tube was placed clearly visualizing the right-sided hemilamina. A crosstable fluoroscopic radiograph was taken confirming the appropriate level with a Woodson elevator underneath the lamina. The operative microscope was brought into the sterile field again. Soft tissue was denuded from the right L5 lamina. A motorized high-speed bur was utilized to perform hemilaminectomy and partial medial facetectomy. This was completed with 3 mm 4 mm Kerrison rongeurs. The cephalad aspect of S1 was also decompressed and removed utilizing Kerrison rongeurs. At the termination of decompression the traversing right S1 nerve root and thecal sac were noted to be free of further compression. Hemostasis was confirmed. Then, 1 mL of 80 mg Depo-Medrol was instilled into the spinal canal as an epidural injection.