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Dear Dr Corenman thank you for replying to me. Below is everything that’s on my report. Thank you also for offering your help.

Findings Cervical Spine:

Moderate spondylotic changes.
There is reversal of the normal cervical lordosis with multilevel disc osteophyte bars from C4-C7. Vertebral body heights, alignment and bone marrow signal characteristics are otherwise normal.

Axials performed from C2-T1

C2-C3, shallow discosteophyte bar but no significant central or exit foraminal stenosis. No neural compression.

C4-C5, Discosteophyte bar indents the ventral CSF resulting in mild to moderate right exit foraminal narrowing and possible right C5 neural irritation.

C5-C6, Discosteophyte bar indents the ventral CSF resulting in moderate to severe exit foraminal stenosis and probable bilateral C6 neural compression.
(Right worse than left)

C6-C7, Discosteophyte bar with a eccentric right sided component indents the right hemi cord severely narrowing the right neural foramen with probable right C7 neural compression.

Disc osteophyte bar results in mild to moderate exit foraminal narrowing and probable C8 neural irritation.

Mild facet arthrosis.

The craniocervical junction and cervical cord returns normal signal.

Normal bone marrow signal for age


Moderate spondylotic changes with multilevel neural compression as described most pronounced from C5-C7.

Thank you again for reading Dr Corenman. I have very bad pins and needles in both hands. Light headiness, achy heavy legs. The pins and needles are lasting throughout the day.