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Thanks a lot for your time doctor I truly appreciate it from Ireland I’m 29 year old male my surgeon gave me chance off 70 per cent lot less pain but my legs are constantly on fire below the knee and ache when standing and pain in general I had plif L5 S1 fusion for grade one spondylolisthesis after 2 years off before op I had a ct scan at 6 month’s that said there is some bone growth ….would a emg or any the other scans mentioned above prove my constant billateral sciatica or is it just a symptom I’m trying very hard to exercise and work but it’s not going to plan so tests might show something I’m willing to try anything I’m young and want to rule out any complication and keep positive but I feel the pain is slightly worse and not reduced I would have to fly to the UK they don’t do flextions xray in Ireland unfortunately I could get a flextion xray like I did before would that be useful at the year mark? maybe all scans worth doing the physical exam when I raise My leg they burn like before surgrey was hopeing more relief but I know no surgrey can be prefect many thanks of any suggestions to why so much continued nerve pain be great