Brian McC
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Thank you very much for your reassurance regarding the Bertolotti and your comments Doctor Corenman, and for your speedy response. It is very much appreciated. I am assured I have a solid fusion at L5/S1 despite it being very tender to touch. It also ‘lit up’ considerably on the last SPECT CT scan, along with both SIJ’s taken prior to the most recent si-bone fusion in my right SIJ in January.
I am aware of the possibilities of ASD and have feared this happening for a long time. Since the discogram provoked such a painful response (as did both ADR levels) I am told I can understand. I am alarmed about the prospect of fusing right up to T10 – what happens to T9 in the future.
The constant back pain is very hard to live with and the regular flare ups even harder. More surgery is frightening because I know what the recovery process is like. It’s a very big decision.
Thank you so much for your comments over recent weeks, all very much appreciated.
Regards and best wishes