Brian McC
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I had the discogram/diagnostic intervertebral disc injection L2/3, L3/4 and L4/5 and injection to my left SIJ on Tuesday. It has revealed: L2/3 a ‘globally torn, severe concordant pain at low pressure, L3/4 severe concordant pain at opening pressure, L4/5 severe concordant pain at opening pressure.
L3/4 and L4/5 have Charite ADR but the exposed surfaces towards the back of each of the vertebra were tested resulting in the pain. I have been told that the Bertolotti at L5/S1 interbody is fused solid to my sacrum and is therefore not generating pain. I am confused by this because I was under the impression is was very likely the cause of all of my back problems originally and the reason why a resection was carried out some years ago, but has since regrown. I can’t understand why it is now no longer a problem if it is back to the situation it was before. Will it not place undue stresses on other joints even though L5/S1 is fused and my right SIJ now fused?
The treatment being considered and discussed is to fuse all levels from L4/L5 up to T10. In your opinion, do you think the BS should be resect again or is it best left as is?
I would welcome your opinion.
Kind regards