Brian McC
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Thank you very much for your reply Doctor Corenman. With my layman’s limited knowledge, my thoughts were that it was BS that caused the damage back in 2008 to L3-S1 and to both SI joints. These were fixed as described with various success and subsequent revisions since. If the BS has re-grown, as it appears it has, could this have been the cause of the fracture in my right SI joint, recently re-fused by SI-Bone procedure. (same side as the BS). Since writing to you last week I now have pain in the area of this latest fusion. I am wondering if it could be the joint under stress again from the BS? I do now remember my very first discogram did show clearly the BS (and incidentally, spina bifida occult). My limited understanding of BS indicates there is a range of different types, some described as a ‘false joint’. Can a discogram be used to recreate provocative pain in BS?
I am a little confused how or why a discogram would be used when I have three levels without any discs to test.
Thank you for your thoughts.
Kind regards