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Thank you Sir. You really are my hero in all this.

I have the shoulder dr saying it’s your spine and the spine dr saying it’s your shoulders.
I asked the dr who did the guided injection – will my tendon tears heal on their own?
He said, “No, never”
So I said well they should be helping me then, operating to fix them.
He said, “They won’t operate as you are not bad enough yet.”

I said well I can hardly do anything due to pain and symptoms, isn’t that bad enough!

The scans showed bone spurs in my shoulders, so I don’t see how the spine could cause those.

Would you agree that the shoulder can cause falls, by trapping blood flow to my head? As since these guided injections at least the falls stopped, I haven’t had those any more, so it’s nice not to have needed ambulances out to pick me up of the floor and take me to A&E.

How do they fix the tendons tears if they do operate? I am scared they won’t help me and I’ll be left unable to use my arm.