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Activity and Occupational Restrictions
• How has the pain changed your life? Immensely
• Have you adapted to the pain by limiting your activities? If so, what activities do you now avoid? Do you no longer participate in recreational activities that you once did? Which activities have you eliminated? What activities have you modified (bike riding for ½ an hour vs. a previous typical100 mile ride in the past)? You might have given up on running but now swim for fitness.
I have adapted the way I drive. I turn my whole body to check blind-spots so I don’t have to turn my head.
I don’t work out anymore, I don’t run. I have no desire to exercise anymore because the pain is constant and makes me very tired. I used to work out 5 times a week. This is very upsetting for me.
• What do you now do to prevent pain from occurring? Lay down, try not to turn my head or use my forearms to hold things
• What type of work are you involved with? I am a Manager of an automotive group
• Describe your work by its physical demands: Do you have to repeatedly lift, bend and twist? Do you have to sit without position change for long periods of time?
• Are you off of work due to the pain or did you have to change your job position secondary to pain? I sit most of the day at my desk. It has been set up ergonomically.
• How long have you been off work or have changed your position? I work half the time from home now because its easier to get relief and lay down when I need to. Also, I avoid the long drive in because driving isn’t comfortable.
• Is there liability from another party (motor vehicle accident or workman’s compensation involved)? no