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“C5-C6 Bilateral foraminal Stenosis, moderate on left and severe on right with compression of the exciting right C6 nerve root.
C6-C7 – …with severe bilateral foraminal stenosis resulting in compression of the exciting C7 nerve roots”.

If you have radicular symptoms in the C6 or C7 roots and your report states “Severe foraminal stenosis”, that is an indication for surgical treatment.

Dr. Corenman

Thank you Sir.
Well, when this scan was done the reason was my right arm had stopped working, I had tilted my head to the left and my neck cracked on the right, then right arm stopped working. so they said at A&E it is your spine, sent me for urgent mri and then sent me to Neurosurgeons who said: See how you get on. They just left it. I did get use of my arm back after afew weeks but I still have myelopathy signs around thumbs, on top of my hands above thumbs you can see the sinking where muscle used to be, and thumb muscles on the palm side of my hands have wasted alittle; oh and sometimes I drop things. I get the sweating from neck too. I have a tendon problem on left hand, tendon has swollen and I am going for an injection in that next month. If I try to do anything like cleaning the house, carrying shopping my shoulders hurt and go rock hard, tight. But I don’t know if that is coming from spine or shoulder impingement that I have in both shoulders. I have alot of pain in Rotator cuffs.