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last 2 months (it also hard to walking more than 1 to 1.5 km with out need to sit .
(before 4 months and also before 8 months I can be walking 5000 -7000 steps in day (also without any sexual problem -them started before 2 months ) (not severe sexual problem but I have decreased in sexual dysfunction)
with this symptoms I have tingling in lower and upper extremity (them are more significant than a a year.
but I have also tingling in back of my head and face .
MRI BRAIN (3T flair sagittal 1 mm coronal and axial 2 mm slices 1 mm 2022 (not found nothing radiologic report not pathological
MRI 2023 3T include flair sagittal coronal and axial slices 1 mm (before 2 weeks) radiologic report not pathological .
MRI of the c spine (steel seen the LF C3-4 BUCKLING ) (but the position of the head affected of hot much the lf buckling )
so the symptoms of walking are worse ( the distance decrease also decrease long-standing.
upper extremity (normal hand coordination(5)
lower extremity ( mild imbalance when standing or walking (6)
UPPER E SENSORY (MILD LOSS HAND Sensation (the numbness of the hand are not significant (but them are more often numbness and tingling compared before 4 months .(2)
urinary normal (3)
BUT decreased in sexual problems (in last 2 months )(not severe sexual problems but decreased in this function. (sexual problems where not exist before 3 months )
so 16 points on MGOA