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“The only symptom that could be coming from your ligamentum is local neck pain”
(the pain i suffer in last 5 years (more severe in last 3 years it is from facet arthritis that developed by the disc degeneration(facet c upper neck c2-c4 mostly ) see
in 2016 MRI the facet are not have arthritis (maybe very little )
but MRI 16 show ddd in the upper neck (affected by tear on the rings in trauma )
so the disc degeneration cause the the arthritis in upper facet .
see the link
the buckling of LF doesn’t happen because the trauma (its effected by mechanical stress comes from years with degeneration of disc, (and this caused by the trauma )(c5-7 disc their is not any problem also no pain.
buckling of LF doesn’t exist before 2021 (there is a little evidence of buckling on MRI 8.20 )