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I don’t know what is the best treatment for this disorder (in my situation )
it is heavy legs for at least one year, weakness in lower limbs tingling and numbness .
but I think this is a good chance that the hypertrophy of LF c3-4 causes all of my symptoms .
this is can called stenosis (even in just a small area of slices 5 mm posterior )
in the past the ligamentum flavum in c3-4 not buckling (i have an MRI 2016 and in this do not any buckling of lf and the canal are 13-14 mm on the left and on the right. (but MRI 2016 show DDD in level c2-5 disc)
if you take MY history (with the specific trauma and chronic neck pain from 2014 (more severe in 2018-2021)