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I have not been concise, but I want to state most of the details in a clear and detailed manner.
My English it is not very perfecta and when I m speak ,and on the consultation with you i was have some anxiety,and some of my details was not very clearly.(but also some details you writing on the paper (little of the datiles are not like what i m was saying in calling with you )
i have the calling with you .(what i say to you on the calling )
also i have the paper you was writing to me .
i have a neck pain chronic (probably more because arthritis neck ) for at leas 7 years (but more often and more chronic in the last 3 years )
i was not have any issue with the walking before 11/21)
so the legs started to feel heavy on November 2021 and some problem with walking fast (before i can go MORE fast walking 150 steps walking fast to 120 (before 1 year ) before 1 week i check 105 steps in 1 minute .
(and i m was also falling 2 times just (and this happened before 1 year .(but not happened again )after the issue with the walking fast and heavy legs started (after 11/21)
in the last year the heavy legs continued,also problem with walking a long distance (before feel i need to sit) .
i understand that the images are not shown compression of the cord (but maybe impossible to say the ligament flavum contact with the cord in c3-4 level posteiror can causes my mild symptoms before one years and maybe probably it is process ( this connect to arthritis and also mechanical stress from DDD of c2-5 (the trauma causes some tear on the rings of this disc because the specific trauma )
i was not have myopathic symptoms absutluty before one year but some problems with the lower limbs (impossible to walking fast and heavy legs )this is continued all this year with some imruvment after march 2022 but continued with weakness in lower limbs and walking to a long distnce with out feel i need to sit .
** i can say i was have some started symptoms of cervical stenosis symptomatic (but not myopathic this not calling myelopathy but maybe mild myelopathy you can call MGoa (15-17 ) score
not significant issue with upper limbs(some numbness but not frequently ‘but this symptoms more often in the last 2 months ‘also with sexual problems )
I M understand why this probably not enogth for suport the symptoms and also for to fixed (but probably maybe good chanse this causes my symptoms and needed to checked and new scan to be folwed
i been symptomatic from before 1 year but it was mild symptoms to myolapthy .
know also with my history of chronic neck pain ,trauma (and this is very affected )
i readind data of (14% of the patients that was go for a surgery have other differntial diagnoss causes the symptoms (i do not know where this data came but this is bad data show that some of surgeon not cheked before the choise and also the patient not checked other diagnost before surgery not necassery
but in my case i absult have a probelm with the neck from arthritis and neck pain chronic for a lot of years (and more in last 3)
and also the trauma on the pool causes some a tear on the rings of disc c2-5 level and this weaken this disc ,and this causes the arthritis in very early time of the life
the pinch on the cord hapened very early in life 31 years old (after the degenation (of 11 years natural )and cumualtive trauma even with out compression it is pinching the cord on the small area
but we know what this can cause if this going to buckling more it is very not good things .