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Yes, original imaging showed nothing on any levels.. did new mri,ct scan and xrays, per that radiology report, pseudarthrosis was suggested but original surgeon feels there was sufficient bridging on c4/5 and wanted emg and injections, but I dont think he even looked at new imaging and report. I didn’t develop c5/6, and c6/7 arm pain again for no reason, i know the minor accident obviously had some type of affect..and again, I am so unhappy with myself that since 2020, I didn’t go back for my “new” neck pain if only to find out that I had any level of foraminal stenosis that had never really resolve post c4/5…didn’t picture I would be this miserable again less than 3 years later…whether injections help or not and now 7 weeks post posterior foraminotomy with a little improvement…does my situation sound like I might be eligible for some type of acdf revision.?