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if its in the eventually it become a clear the ligamentum causes my symptoms
(and the symptoms get worsen over time )
what you will recommended me do (bases on what you was see on the images )?
I m also was share with you flexion-extension imaging of XR.
** i know your opinion a bout my symptoms with the imaging but when i m take the previous history of the injury (2010) and chronic neck pain from 2015 and more severe in last 3 years (from arthritis ) ,and see on the imaging of 2016/20 not show the ossification of c3-4 ligamentum.
and in 2021 its see (and some small very little signs also show on the MRI of2020)
and very seen in 2021/2
in 2021/11 and 2/22 the MRI was show on the back of the
spine (CSF completely disappeared in 4 slices of axial 1mm and the canal on the left side with CSF just on the front measure 10 mm and on the right it’s 14 .