Donald Corenman, MD, DC
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You added this “and something i forgot to ask.Pain from scar tissue ends one day? As chronic pain we mean a lifelong pain”? You also added “scar tissue shrinks over time?body dissolves scar tissue”.

I assume you are having continuous leg and buttocks pain and not central lower back pain (which can have a different cause). Epidural scar tissue can cause symptoms by squeezing the root and binding it down (nerves typically move 1/2 inch with leg motion). However, it is not the only cause of failed decompression surgery. If the internals of the nerve root (the fascicles) are damaged by the herniation or bone spur, it does not matter how much scar tissue remains and unfortunately, there is no test that can determine if internal damage is present.

That is why revision decompression of a scarred root has about a 50% success rate of “some improvement”.
No-scar does not melt away but symptoms can sometimes improve over time.

Dr. Corenman