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Its been almost a month since my last post so I thought I’d drop by for another update, I guess this thread is a bit like my journal now, which I suppose useful for me and hopefully also to others who are going through something similar.

Recap: Herniated disc for 5 years, had microdiscectomy 4 months ago. Recovery has been up and down but an MRI 2 months post OP revealed no nerve compression, only a remaining bulge and some scar tissue around S1.

I had the TFESI injection on the affected side 2 weeks ago and despite the doctor doing a large dose I saw almost no improvement. I felt pretty much the same before and after, which was pretty disheartening.

Since then I got a little into PRT (pain reprocessing therapy) and have had some success. This whole incident has been very emotionally traumatic for me so this “psychological healing” angle has been very appealing to me. I am curious what you think about such therapy Dr Corenman

My pain is a persistent 2-3/10 localized around L5. What’s interesting though is there is nothing that really exacerbates my pain, i.e. it never gets worse than that. I can bend and touch my toes, go biking, and I feel pretty much the same low level pain. In the past I would have expected it to get much worse or feel a twinge when I bend. Not sure what to make of it. Perhaps the nerve is still healing.

Happy holidays!