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Happy thanksgiving all. Figured I’d keep updating this thread so anyone who finds it in the future and relates can benefit from hearing about my experience.

About 2.5 months into post op I felt a complete abatement of symptoms. No muscle spasms, no pain, nothing. I started working out everyday and felt great, and even better after each time. After 2 weeks of feeling great I was actually gonna post here and thank everyone and conclude this chapter of my life, but I got really drunk that night and went to bed. When I woke up I was super hungover and just stayed in bed the entire day.

When I woke up the following day, my symptoms were back. I have some lightly painful tingling sensations localized around l5s1 nerve, with a tight piriformis. No other symptoms, but man it’s annoying. Distracting enough to not be able to focus on work and painful enough for me to stop going to the gym.

I am considering getting an epidural injection – is that somethings that’s permitted 3mo post microdiscectomy op?