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Dr. Corenman

I’ve seen the surgeon a month ago he said that in his opinion the compression I have does not require further surgical intervention (discectomy or fusion) . He is conservative and probably doubtful if a fusion will get my spine better then it is now. I’m gonna get a 2nd opinion.

1) The foot seems slowly getting better but I’m still suffering from my back in essence I feel already somewhat fused if I do 50-60% BLT postures I’ll get discogenic pain (and probably inflammation) reaction(s) what is the point of not getting that level fused if it is stiff and prone to pain?

2) There is a cycle I don’t understand: in the morning the foot paresthesia is at it’s worst – painful to walk and put some non cushioned shoes or sandals it gets better (more sensation) as the day progress and at night while lying in bed completely horizontal it feels like the nerve is growing/recovering sense of pleasent heat and tingling it can last couple of hours or so the foot is much less sensitive to pressure (and consequently less painful) but in the morning the story returns all over again. what are your thoughts about it? do you think inflammation has to do with it though it looks like it’s the same cycle even when my L5 -S1 disc is very guarded (unless a very degenerative disc is almost always inflammed not matter if it moves or not)

3) Lastley do you know any of these supplements : L-Citrulline, Acetyl-L-Carnitine, R-Alpha Lipoic Acid , Benfotiamine helpful for non-diabetic neuropathy and or nerve regeneration?

Thank You Dr. Corenman