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“Is your back pain central (both sided) or only unilateral?”
I didn’t know that back pain could be unilateral. it’s not from the left (healthy) side. it’s central and right accompanied by inflammation (burning sensation) exactly where the discectomy and laminectomy were done.

“If you are having discogenic lower back pain and that pain is limited to the L5-S1 level, a fusion (TLIF, ALIF or OLIF) should reduce substantially your lower back and leg pain (as long as a decompression is performed with your fusion)”

1. Isn’t nerve decompression comes “built-in” with fusion? when you restore proper disc height the foramen should be wide open and the is no herniated disc to pinch the nerve.
2. Are different fusion techniques suitable for different pathologies? e.g (from what I saw and understood) ALIF could be a better option for single level fusion with no spine instability or deformities it’s less destructive and could be done without the support rods connected to spine by pedicle screws.

Just uploaded my latest MRI scans (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1rMgnLd3zDCY81HraAJZEmCox9FdPvleB/view) and sent them to the neurosurgery unit where i’m treated. from the saggital view you can clearly see the re-herniation on L5-S1. L4-5 is degenerative as well with an annular diffuse bulge but still intact and doesn’t cause any back pain or pinch nerves.

Thank You