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Thank you, once again, for your reply.
This latest flare up had me in Emergency yesterday, and the Dr on call suggested Rotator cuff tear as well – although admitting some symptoms did not fit (getting better for weeks on nerve medication with full range of motion in regards to shoulder height lifting as well as above head lifting/lowering for example, or milder, yet similar symptoms on the right side being present.
He did an x-ray of my shoulder, which was normal. He did not perform MRI of shoulder or neck.
I have physiotherapy Friday, but I do not believe it is Rotator cuff as previous phsio/chiro visits there was alot of focus on the brachial plex/pectoral (working across chest down armpit area to elbow), shoulder blade in my back as well as alot of focus on scalenes, trapezius and scapulae. (all are inflamed currently with this flare up).
I thank you for everything! You have relieved alot of my worries and frustrations. Whatever the cause, I just need to find it and get a plan to move forward, it has been a frustrating process so far.