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Hi Dr Corenman,
This is the first MRI on my neck. Dec 21 I experienced sudden L arm weakness, pain retrieving an item appox 5lb from an overhead position. (Dropping the item) Initial symptoms mimicked a heart attack.. chest pain straight across L chest, numbness down L arm and was a 9.
Since then, I have been doing 2x/wk chiro (but unable to do physical adjustment of spine as everything neck/shoulder/arm is so tight. 1x/biweekly massage therapy.

So, the pain is currently an 8 with movement, I put my L arm in a sling to help relieve some pressure.
Without movement, things feel around a 2. Nortiptylene 40mg was good for a little over a month keeping pain at a 2/3 but increased activity.
Pain centre of neck in back currently at 3. burning/ prickling pain radiates down shoulder blade down the back.
L shoulder currently at 8 with movement with pain near armpit and top of bicep at 9/10 with movement. Pain runs down inside of L arm to inside of elbow as well. Stabbing, sharp pain. 80% shoulder/arm/20% neck.
Same pain in R armpit, bicep but more of a dull ache pain at 2.
L arm if extended (very painful) leaves almost 0 strength in grip/torque. For example, grabbing a coffee at a drive thru causes pain to shoot to 10, and I still dropped the cup.
Mild dizziness last 2 weeks, could be a coincidence with resurgence of symptoms occurring last 2 weeks as well. Sitting to standing position as well as when I turn my head left (shoulder check while driving for example) .. dizziness is not a spinning, more of a floating and happens when I bring my head back to centre.
Currently on a leave from work (merchadiser/sales), unable to do most activities outside of walking. In 10 months I am on my 3rd Flare up and they seem to get worse each time.