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“I understand that you are fixated on this infolding of the ligamentum but there is minimal if any pressure on the cord”
I have a lot of reasons TO thinks that.
off course before to surgical fixed it is important to negative any other neurologic issue or other disease
what i was be doing by do brain MRI and neurologic test by neurologist .
because the pressere on the cord it is very minimal but it not was excist before (mri 2020 show that )
also if invesitagtion the mri of 2020 and 2021 and 2022 on the small area (posterior of ligamentum c3-4 i see the coreltion and the progress of ligamentum more compress on the cord even very little ther is evidence that the ap diameter become from 13 to 12 9.5 mm ,
but it is also important to see that i have anterior losses disc high and degeneration disc diesase .
if we combained all of this paremeters and we know what effected on the ligament to compress the spinal .cord posteriory .
we suspect that this ligamentum causes the symptoms .