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“You don’t have compression”
in the level of c3-4 when i do a measure the canal from ap it is 9.5 mm in the center left side ,on the right it is 13 mm
so why this is not can call stenosis even if this not significant area .
hypertrophy of the ligamentum can causes my symptoms ,even this is very tiny it is enter to the spinal cord even with not compress it is little compress in small area,and maybe over times this lead to more compress and then we can call this compressionon the cord (and this maybe lead to damage the spinal cord and myomalecia
the time will say what is going in the future ,but what i m reading it is important to followed with the symptoms, physical examination , reflex test , and images , and to do the surgery before myelopathy is coming.
need to check the risk to do surgery and risk of not to do the surgery .
it is very important to determine if this will lead to myelopathy or not bfore white spot on the cord .