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Dr. Corenman

2.5 Years post-op there is a good steady slow improvement on my right foot sensation. Now I know that all the top of my foot was also numb only half of it remains partially numb. I also know that it is the same kind of numbness as in the balls of foot area which I always complain about but you don’t feel it because you don’t walk/press on this area.
I still have problem with sitting on straight chair mechanical pressure sets in shortly after followed by discogenic pain after 1-2 hours. I still cannot put pressure on the balls of my foot, stand and walk freely on them, numbness (which doesn’t bother me) becomes pain that still remains THE major issue as it restricts me from doing physical sports and hiking as I used to do.

two weeks ago I did an MRI the results on L5-S1 were: No demonstration of abnormal contrast medium enhancement after gadolinium injection. a right disc herniation pressing on the sac, pushing the root of S1 in the canal space on the right as well as on the root of L5 out the right foramen. The roots on the left are free. facets are preserved.
Well if there is pressure when lying on the MRI bed it probably increases by several folds when you stand up (I don’t have back pain when standing) and obviously when you sit down.

If I opt to fusion (MIS TLIF) (after a successful surgery, recovery and PT):

1) will I’ll be able to sit more time freely without any mechanical pressure causing discogenic pain? i.e does “no motion no pain” principle applies mainly to vertical disc motion (instead of shock absorption in a normal healthy disc)?

2) From a nerve recovery perspective is there any medical logic of fully decompressing the nerves 3.5 years after the initial damage or to much time has passed and will have no effect on the L5 nerve root damage?

3) Other then stiffness what “new” pain fusion may bring after successfull recovery (6-12 months)?

Thank You