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Thank you, Dr. Corenman, your expertise has helped me better understand. I have pain centralized in my lower area of lumbar with pains across top of both legs, Focus has been more on the sciatica pain. Injections that I had received did help for the traveling pain down the legs. Heel to toe walk can not do, I still work at balance and did get a massage table to excercise at home. I do feel that therapy aggravated with the tilts, but the leg stretches helped reduce the leg spasms with less tension on my spine. Are there good excercises at this level that would be better? I do know now that when you go to physical therapy, all seems to be the same therapy for lumbar. When it came to neck therapy and discussion of vertigo, seemed hesitant and gave me excercises I could do at home to help. Would I be safe for neck therapy are would it be possible to cause harm? This is a natural process and I had already come to terms of not having surgery, but taking better care of myself by eating right and focusing more on posture and working with levels of how far I can walk. The only true regret I have was being given the choice of which one was to be addressed first. When a person has painful areas of concern, both were not accessed to determine what the best approach would be first. This is 8 months in now, not including time before the realization break down. I again thank you.